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Unlock your new
potential with
Origin Loop VPP

Connect to Origin Loop Virtual Power
Plant (VPP) to score a $400 sign-up
and $1/kWh for energy drawn
from your battery and sent to grid.


What is Origin Loop?

Think of the Loop virtual power plant (VPP) as a new, technology-centred energy grid. It uses its smarts to assess when energy is most needed. Then, it coordinates thousands of energy assets to work together like a mini power station to manage supply and demand.

Your home solar battery is one of these assets, and is an important source of renewable energy that’s used to support the wider network.

How does Origin Loop work?

Excess energy from your solar panels is stored in
your battery, powering your home after the sun.

From time to time, it can also be distributed to the grid in periods of peak demand.

Which can then help power other houses and earn you credits on your electricity bill.

And you can track it all on our app.

How Do I Join?

Electrifying Australia customers can access this great offer from Origin when joining Origin Loop, and signing up to any Origin electricity


Install a Solar & Battery with Electrifying Australia


Connect your Battery to Origin Loop


Enjoy credits towards your Energy Bill

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