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Electrify Your Savings and Sustainability with Amber!

Here at Electrifying Australia, we constantly seek ways to empower our customers to take charge of their energy use and reduce their environmental footprint. Today, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Amber Electric!

Why should you use Amber?

Amber Electric is a forward-thinking energy retailer that shares our commitment to a sustainable future. Their innovative platform allows you to see real-time electricity prices and optimize your energy consumption for significant savings. But that's not all!

By combining Amber's dynamic pricing with a home battery system, you can truly unlock the full potential of your solar panels. Here's how:

  • Track Wholesale Prices: Amber's app provides real-time insights into wholesale electricity prices. You can use this information to shift your energy usage to off-peak periods when prices are lower. This can result in significant cost savings on your electricity bills.

  • Maximize Solar Self-Consumption: With a battery, you can store excess solar energy generated during the day and utilize it during peak hours when prices are typically higher. This allows you to maximize the use of your solar power and reduce your reliance on the grid.

  • Support Renewables & the Environment: By shifting your consumption and maximizing solar usage, you're actively contributing to a cleaner energy grid and a more sustainable future for Australia.

Furthermore, Amber's intelligent platform, “Smartshift”, takes the guesswork out of optimizing your energy use. It analyses real-time electricity prices, your historical usage patterns, and solar generation forecasts to manage your battery charging and discharging automatically. This ensures you're buying electricity when it's cheapest and utilizing your stored solar power when prices are high, maximizing your savings without any manual intervention. So, while you focus on what matters most, Smartshift works tirelessly in the background to make your home energy system even smarter and more efficient. You can learn more about amber from 

At Electrifying Australia, we offer a wide range of high-quality home battery systems to suit your specific needs and budget. When you combine one of our top-tier batteries with Amber's innovative platform, you'll gain the ultimate control over your energy use and unlock significant savings.

Ready to Take Charge?

Contact Electrifying Australia today! Our expert team will be happy to discuss your energy needs and help you find the perfect battery system to unlock the full potential of Amber's dynamic pricing model. Together, let's electrify your savings and create a brighter, more sustainable future for Australia!


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