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Sonnen is a leading provider of smart home battery systems, founded in Germany in 2010. Their flagship product, the Sonnen Batteries, integrates lithium-ion battery technology with intelligent energy management software. It optimises energy usage, increases self-consumption of renewable energy, and offers backup power during grid outages. Sonnen's systems support grid services, contributing to grid stability and the transition to decentralised energy.

Photo Credit: Sonen

Sonnen Evo 11KW

The Sonnen battery system offers cost savings with expandable energy storage up to 15kWh. It boasts a 20-year design life with a warranty of 10,000 cycles or 10 years. Monitoring via the Sonnen app, it provides backup power during grid outages and integrates with smart home devices for remote control. With 98% efficiency and German engineering, it ensures reliability and safety.

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