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Solar solutions

Harness the sun's energy with residential and commercial solar solutions. Install solar panels on your rooftop and enjoy clean, renewable power for your home. Say goodbye to rising energy costs and re...

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Battery Solutions

Maximize the benefits of your solar system with a battery storage solution. Store excess energy generated during the day and use it during the evenings or during power outages. Gain energy independenc...

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Unlock the true potential of solar energy with a virtual power plant (VPP). Seamlessly connect multiple solar installations to create a distributed energy network. Generate, store, and share clean pow...

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01 Consultation
Considering your energy usage, budget and roof size, we give you the best possible options to go with.
02 Design
Once you chose suitable system, professionals perform the system designing and reviewing for maximum output.
03 Installation
Safe and hassle-free installation is important. Our accredited installers follow all regulations and do job within them.
04 Support
Get on-time support. Our team is locally known for instantaneous support around the clock.

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Our Experienced Experts

Graham Coles
Electric Supervisor
Ekansh Lathwal
Project Manager
Sam Music
Solar Expert
Jevan Wirjamihardja
Project Engineer
Nandana Premachandra
Solar Expert
“ We make sure our customers are heard before we start, therefore after a one-on-one meeting and collecting critical information on their requirements, we narrow down on the right unit that is sufficient and affordable for them. ”

Shyamal Pal Founder

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“ Our friendly staff is around the corner whenever you need them. So, if you have any questions even after we have successfully installed your unit, please feel free to call us without being hesitant! ”

Susmita Chowdhury Client Relations Manager

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